#Do not pollute#

Pollution is a very big issue in the world right now. It mostly happens where there are lots of cars and factories. If everyone starts decreasing the amount of gas we use, then maybe we can save the earth from pollution. One main reason for us to not pollute is because that some of the harmful gasses can destroy our atmosphere and let harmful rays in. Another reason is that most of the birds in the air will get harmed and might even die.

Crested Serpent Eagle in flight Tarique Sani via Compfight

I have gathered a few ways we can prevent pollution from destroying the earth. The first main way we prevent it is that to stop using so much gas and fossil fuels. Another way is to try to drive fully electric cars and minimize the amount of gas cars. We could also use solar panels more than we use gas and coal for energy. These are just a couple of ways to save the earth, there are much more.

Solar panels Aardvark Ethel via Compfight

If we start using more solar powered things now we can save the Earth from pollution. With everyone’s help we can save our Mother Earth day by day. Another benefit is that the birds in the air wont get harmed, and will live much longer. SO LETS SAVE THE EARTH FROM POLLUTION!!! #Do not Pollute#


A boy named Joe by Aviv

There once was a boy names Joe

He was always so slow

He really liked hats

and really furry rats

But he would hit his toe


This was the Limerick I wrote. My limerick is about a rat loving kid named Joe. I dont know why he would hit his toe.

A limerick is a 5 line silly poem, which doesn’t really need to make sense. The limerick poems were created by Thomas Aquinas and grew popular ever since.

Our 2/6 block class worked on some limericks yesterday. I usually detest poems, but limericks are fun to write and really easy to do.


I did the Free Rice Activity

I did Activity 1. I went to the free rice website and answered the questions. I donated 300 grains of rice. All the rice I donate will go to people in hunger. I also hope that the people that read this will go to the website and answer the questions. I recommend you to go to this website. Click Here

Spring has Sprung

Finally, Spring is here. I was so tired of having those harsh, cold winter days. I do miss those snow days where I got to play PS3 and relax, but spring is much better. I really like to play outside and ride my bike a lot. So far the best weather we got was about 59 degrees, and I hope we can get better weather. Bye have a great spring!!!!!!!!!!

Paragraph of the week

My Weekend pretty much went like this, First I Woke up sick 🙁 at around 9:30. Then I Took a bath, brushed my teeth and Changed my clothes, by the time I got Down stairs it was about 10:15. Then I made myself some cereal and ate it in front of the TV. When I finished my cereal I immediately went downstairs to the basement and played Destiny on the PS3. I played for about 2 hours then went back upstairs to do something. On the way upstairs I got a call from my friend Stefan, he asked if I could come over to his house. My parents were OK with it so I went to his house after I ate lunch. At his house we played a lot of ping pong and went sledding, by the time I got home It was about 4:00. Later that day my parents said we are going to my friends house for dinner. I was pretty excited because I was going to see my best friend in a long time. I went to the basement and got my NBA game because we could play it over there. I also got my ipad, Phone, ps3 controllers, and my nerf guns so we could have a nerf war. At around 5:00 my parents said to get in the car to go. My friend lives in maryland which is 1 hour away. When I got there we had so much fun. So basically I had a very fun weekend!